2012 Super Bowl Picks

giants manning pocketSuper Bowl XLVI is less than a week away and the media hoard is now firmly entrenched inside the city of Indianapolis. Speculation about Sunday’s winner has been at a fever pitch for almost a week and a half, though, since the two participants, New England and New York, won their respective conference championship games. The latest 2012 Super Bowl Picks are leaning more toward the Patriots than ever with New England drawing a -3 (-135) against the spread line.

Both New York and New England look like different teams from the two that stepped on the field at Gillette Stadium back in early November, which makes it difficult to glean a whole lot of information from that game. What can be gathered, though, is this: New York is in no way intimidated by the Patriots.

The Giants won that game 24-20, making them the first team to knock off New England a home in the regular season since the Steelers did it in November of 2008. This team, while incredibly inconsistent for a large chunk of the regular season, has some serious swagger as evidenced by that victory and its mowing through New York, Dallas, Atlanta, Green Bay, and San Francisco over the last five weeks.

The Patriots certainly present their share of unique problems, but the manner in which New York handled those aforementioned teams, particularly the last three, would suggest it is capable of dealing with whatever threats New England poses.

Something else has me siding with the Giants in Sunday’s game as well: the Patriots sad sack of a schedule. To take nothing away from what New England accomplished during the regular season or its current 10 game win streak, but Tom Brady and company were hardly tested, particularly down the stretch. The Pats last seven opponents were a combined 42-70 and not a single one of them finished with a winning record.

And not to insult the Broncos, but everyone knows that was a free pass for New England, which was painfully evident in the Pats AFC Championship tussle with a legitimate team. Brady and the boys looked uncomfortable and completely out of sorts against the Ravens, which is not all that shocking considering the prep work they had going into their game with Baltimore.

So, while New England now remembers what it feels like to get hit in the mouth, it is facing an opponent who has squared off against top rated competition for three or four consecutive weeks. The Giants are battle tested, they know what it feels like to absorb a haymaker and fight through it. As for the Patriots, well, they are still working on that part of their resume.

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2012 Super Bowl Picks: Provided by Bovada.lv

New York Giants +3 (+115), Over 55 (-110)

New England Patriots -3 (-135), Under 55 (-110)