Gang Signs in the NFL, Boston Celtics Paul Pierce to Blame

Gang Signs in the NFL, Paul Pierce to Blame: Mike Ahlerich, the NFL's vice- president of security, has recently made public that there is a concern that some NFL players and even team officials may have been using gang signs during games. At you can place an early wager on the ML betting odds of who you think is going to win Super Bowl XLIII.

Ahlrerich voiced that they will be paying close attention and have even taken the measure of hiring experts to overlook footage and search for such gestures. Mike Ahlerich, told the Los Angeles Times "there have been some suspected things we've seen." 

But what made the NFL take these actions to begin with? It all started with the death of Denver cornerback Darrent Williams in 2007. Williams was said to have been involved in a dispute with known gang members. The New England Patriots are once again the early +325 ML betting odds frontrunners to win Super Bowl XLIII.

The NFL took further notice in April 2008 when Paul Pierce was fined $25,000 for what the NBA league called “a menacing gesture” towards the Atlanta Hawks bench. The San Diego Chargers have the second best ML betting odds to win Super Bowl XLIII at +700.

Mike Pereira, the NFL’s vice-president of officiating, told the Times “But the Paul Pierce thing is what brought it to light. When he was fined . . . that's when we said we need to take a look at it and see if we need to be aware of it." Rounding out the three best betting odds to win Super Bowl XLIII is the Indianapolis Colt’s +750 ML Betting Odds.

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