Michael Vick Will Sign with Washington Redskins, Bet on It!

Michael Vick Will Sign with Washington Redskins, Bet on It! After one day of Michael Vick being reinstated into the NFL, not many teams are taking interest in the former Atlanta Falcons Pro-Bowl quarterback. As of yesterday, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stated that Vick would be allowed to participate in preseason practices, workouts and meetings as well as play in the final two pre-season games. Yet no one wants him… yet!

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Once the season starts he will be able to participate in all team activities except games. Goodell will consider full reinstatement as late as Week 6. Of course all of this will apply once he finds a team that is interested. As of now, only one team has said they could possibly be interested in Vick, and that’s the Baltimore Ravens.

On Tuesday, Ravens coach John Harbaugh commented on Vick, “We’ve had long discussions about Michael Vick and we have a feeling about how he would impact our team and not impact our team.” Vick served 18 months in federal prison and was released from home confinement on July 20th.

Vick has done his time, so why aren’t teams willing to give him a chance? According to reports, the two teams that could have been interested, the Miami Dolphins and the Cincinnati Bengals, have both said they don’t want Vick.

Cincinnati Bengals [+800 ML] owner Mike Brown commented on the situation, “When you have a situation like ours, he’s a very difficult fit,” Brown said. “Quarterbacks are like queen bees—you can only have one of them before they start stepping on each other. And we have ours. Carson’s the guy. That’s why it just doesn’t fit for here in a football sense.”

The Miami Dolphins [+550 ML] could have taken advantage of Vick’s running ability but in April they drafter West Virginia’s Pat White and have Chad Henne as their second quarterback. Dolphins general manager, Jeff Ireland said, “We don’t have an interest,” general manager Jeff Ireland said in a statement. “We like the players we have on our current roster.”

Vick’s past may not only be the problem in finding him a team to be interested, it could also be the conditional status that give a general managers a hard time. Trent Edwards from the Buffalo Bills said, “It’s got to be hard to sign him, because where are you going to put him?” he said. “You don’t know if he’ll be able to play Week 1, and you want him to be your starting quarterback or at least compete for a starting job, (but) you can’t essentially do that as a general manager.”

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