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NFL Point Spreads Week 10

by Matt Foust on Sunday, November 13th, 2011

NFL Point Spreads Week 10: Each week we try to find NFL point spreads that are off, there for the taking as it were, and some weekends that is a more difficult task than others. Week 10 has felt like one of those weeks to me. Sure, there are some lines that look way more tempting than others, but, frankly, given this week's pairing and the erratic nature of teams like Philadelphia, Kansas City, New England, Atlanta, and New Orleans it seems less than ideal. However, soldier on we have in order to give you what we consider the best of the best. 

New Orleans Saints vs Atlanta Falcons NFL Point Spreads Week 10(PK): Given Atlanta's prowess at home during the Matt Ryan era, it seems like a no-brainder to take the Falcons here; however, the Saints are apparently immune to the wiles of Ryan and the Georgia Dome. New Orleans is 4-2 against Atlanta since the 2008 season, Ryan's first in the league and it is 2-1 at the Georgia Dome during that same stretch. The Saints are the better team here and since they are not rattled by any outside factors when it comes to this particularly rivalry, I expect them to win this game by at least a field goal. 

Denver Broncos vs Kansas City (-3): I know it might be difficult to ride the Chiefs as they are the most Jekyll and Hyde team in the league, but today the good team should come out. Kansas City usally plays well after a loss and it should be emotionally recharged after the big swing between the Chargers and Dolphins games. This is an important divisional battle that would give the Chiefs sole possession of first place in the AFC West (hold the tie breaker over Oakland), and last week served as a great reminder as to what happens when you're not ready to play. I believe KC rebounds this week and bests Denver in a high scoring affair at Arrowhead.

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NFL Point Spreads Week 10: Provided by

Steelers vs Bengals (+3.5)

Broncos vs Chiefs (-3)

Jaguars vs Colts (+3)

Bills vs Cowboys (-5.5)

Texans vs Buccaneers (+3.5)

Titans vs Panthers (-3.5)

Redskins vs Dolphins (-4)

Saints vs Falcons (PK)

Rams vs Browns (-3)

Cardinals vs Eagles (-14)

Ravens vs Seahawks (+6.5)

Lions vs Bears (-2.5)

Giants vs 49ers (-3.5)

Patriots vs Jets (-2)

Vikings vs Packers (-13)

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