NFL Week 12 Picks 2011

NFL Week 12 Picks 2011: Thanksgiving and football go together like turkey and gravy, unfortunately betting and profits don't always share the same cozy relationship. However, if one does their due diligence, it is possible to take a fair cut from the odds makers. Perhaps the best opportunity to do that comes early this afternoon with a divisional battle between the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions.

Green Bay Packers vs Detroit Lions (+6.5):NFL Week 12 Picks 2011 The Packers look invincible on the surface, but a closer examination reveals some warts that could lead to their first loss of the season later today. Green Bay's offense is the best in the league and Aaron Rodgers is, arguably, the best player in the league right now; however, the Packers defense has turned in its share of duds this season. Green Bay has found itself in more than one shootout as a result and it figures to be in one this afternoon. Detroit's offense has experienced a few hiccups, but the Lions, in general, have been one of the more potent teams in the league as evidenced by their three 40 plus point games. Defensively Detroit knows how to bring the heat and it can often do so without having to blitz. That could spell trouble for the Packers offensive line, which has given up nine sacks in the last three games. Suffice it say that Detroit will never be more motivated than right now as it seeks to dump its rival in what is, finally, an important Thanksgiving event in the Motor City.

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Packers vs Lions (+6.5/56)

Dolphins vs Cowboys (-7/44)

49ers vs Ravens (-3/38.5)

Bills vs Jets (-9/42)

Browns vs Bengals (-7.5/37.5)

Texans vs Jaguars (+3.5/37.5)

Panthers vs Colts (+3/45)

Buccaneers vs Titans (-3/43)

Vikings vs Falcons (-9.5/44)

Bears vs Raiders (-4/41)

Redskins vs Seahawks (-3.5/37)

Broncos vs Chargers (-6/42)

Steelers vs Chiefs (+10.5/40)

Giants vs Saints (-7/50.5)