2013 World Series Odds

red sox pedroiaThe 2013 Major League Baseball Playoffs got underway last night as the Pittsburgh Pirates knocked off the Cincinnati Reds 6-2 in the NL Wild Card game to earn a spot along side the St. Louis Cardinals in the NLDS. The post season continues this evening with an AL Wild Card showdown between the Tampa Bay Rays and Cleveland Indians. Unfortunately for those clubs, and the Pirates as well, the Wild Card proceedings are considered a mere formality by the odds makers. According to the latest 2013 World Series Odds from offshore bookmaker Bovada.lv, the Rays, Indians, and Pirates are three least likely Fall Classic winners at 14 to 1, 14 to 1, and 9 to 1 MLB Odds, respectively.

The Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers are 17 to 4 co-favorites to win the World Series ($100 wins $425) while the preseason and mid-season Fall Classic favorite, the Detroit Tigers, are drawing a 19 to 4 line ($100 wins $475). The St. Louis Cardinals, the top seed in the National League with a 97-65 record, are a second choice behind the Dodgers to win the NL Pennant at 9 to 4 odds and they are fourth pick to win the World Series at 11 to 2 odds.

Coming in fifth and sixth on the World Series Odds board are the Atlanta Braves and Oakland Athletics. The Braves, who topped the NL East with a 96-66 record, are a 7 to 1 selection. The Athletics, who also registered a 96-66 mark in winning the AL West, are getting 15 to 2 odds.

2013 World Series Predictions: Provided by Bovada.lv

Odds to Win the 2013 AL Pennant –

Boston Red Sox 19/10
Detroit Tigers 9/4
Oakland Athletics 3/1
Cleveland Indians 13/2
Tampa Bay Rays 7/1

Odds to Win the 2013 NL Pennant –

Los Angeles Dodgers 3/2
St. Louis Cardinals 9/4
Atlanta Braves 13/4
Pittsburgh Pirates 4/1

Odds to Win the 2013 World Series –

Boston Red Sox 17/4
Los Angeles Dodgers 17/4
Detroit Tigers 19/4
St. Louis Cardinals 11/2
Atlanta Braves 7/1
Oakland Athletics 15/2
Pittsburgh Pirates 9/1
Cleveland Indians 14/1
Tampa Bay Rays 14/1