Cleveland Cavaliers at Boston Celtics NBA Preview

After a very disappointing game 1 performance by LeBron James in this Eastern Conference semifinal series, the Cleveland Cavaliers still have a chance to steal home-court advantage from the Boston Celtics tonight before traveling back to the “Buckeye State”. has the home team Boston Celtics favorites in game two by a margin of – 8 points as they host LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers (+ 8) tonight at the Boston Garden.

“The King” LeBron James didn’t rule anything in the opener. His lackluster performance was anything but, one of an MVP candidate (which everyone praises him as being). James was just terrible making just 2-of-18 from the field. He missed absolutely everything: from 0-6 from 3-pt range, to easy point-blank lay-ups. In the 76-72 loss, James finished with 12 points and 10 turnovers. But, the worse part of his performance (or lack thereof) was in the final moments of the fourth quarter, when the game was on the line. The Over/Under for this game 2 is set at 177.5 combined total points.   NBA Playoffs Cleveland Cavaliers at Boston Celtics

With his team still in it, LeBron James almost seemed to shy away from the ball, hiding in the corner behind the 3-pt line; it couldn’t help but remind me of, when Scottie Pipen was afraid to get the ball in the closing moments of the playoffs, the first time Michael Jordan retired.

However, LeBron James wasn’t the only superstar to have an off game in the opener a few nights ago. The “big three” became a diminished one. Paul Pierce and Ray Allen both had game 1 performances to forget.

“The Truth”, Paul Pierce had just an atrocious game. As a matter of fact, he had more turnovers than points: going 2-14 shooting from the field, finishing with a total of 4 points, and 6 turnovers.

Nevertheless, Pierce is still not the only player who should have stayed home that night. Mr. “He Got Game” had a goose egg of a game. Ray Allen but up nothing but 0s all game: Going 0-4 from the field, including 0-3 from 3pt range, and ended with a game high 0 points.

So, how in the world did the Celtics win that game?

The big ticket, Kevin Garnett became the Lone Ranger. He single-handedly carried this team, for the duration of the game. This man’s passion and determination to win, is something admirable. He literarily took the city (on his shoulders) all the way to the finish line playing a game-high 39 mins and 51 sec.

KG filled up the box score, finishing with 28 points (in 13-22 shooting), 2-2 from the charity stripe, 8 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 steals.      

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