NBA Playoffs: Boston Celtics at Cleveland Cavaliers

The Boston Celtics have been (by far), the worse playoffs team in this year’s post-season play. At home, they seem invincible, they blow everyone out, and they play stellar defense. Most of their playoffs wins at home have been by double-digit margins. But on the road, the green team Boston Celtics are paper-mâché. has the home team Cleveland Cavaliers favorites by – 2 points when they host the + 2 Boston Celtics.

One of the NBA clichés is that, a playoff series doesn’t start until a team can win a game on the road. So far in these playoffs, one team has been able to do it. The Celtics will look to become the second team this year. The Over/Under for this game has been set at a combined 182 total points.

These playoffs seem to have a lot of emphasis on home court. Not only are teams playing better at home, but also the refs are officiating the games differently, usually favoring the home team.

This game is hard enough to call, to have to deal with favoritism from the guys with the whistles.

Boston will have to play through that tonight, as they will try to take a commanding 3-1 series lead against LeBron James and the Cavs. So far for 3 games, the Celtics have done a terrific job of containing (and at times even shutting down) LeBron.

When is LeBron going to break out of it with a 40-point performance?

Or does KG and the Celts have James' number?