Will a 100% Poker Affiliate Commission Kill the Poker Industry?

Rules are made to be broken and everything you know about your usual poker site is about to change. Clive Archer has joined Playsafe AS to fulfill a dream of creating a series of next generation poker sites and is offering affiliates up to 100% commission for starters.

Now you can imagine this has not made him too popular with some of the more established sites. His answer is “I simply don’t care. Let’s face it, there are almost a thousand poker sites out there and the leaders all have a gigantic marketing war-chest. The only way for a poker operator to ever catch up to them is to change the rules of the game . Will a 100% Poker Affiliate Commission Kill the Poker Industry?I've joined Playsafe to do just that, to change the rules and create a true community poker site. The Million Dollar Poker Club is intentionally breaking all the rules, the way low cost airlines have rocked the formerly cozy airline industry. 100% commissions are just the beginning. We are also satelliting players into competitors’ online tournaments and enlisting their stars to teach our players.  

Playsafe will break any rule that is not in the best interest of our player s and if our competitors don’t like it tough! Our only focus is our players and the affiliates that bring them to us.  I haven’t found one affiliate complaining when we explain the program to them and our players love us. They want to make a million doing what they love and our job is to give them the training, the strategies and most of all the opportunity. We will be sending our members to over 50 competitor’s tournaments and we are happy to do it.”

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