2013 BCS Prop Bets

Who will win the 2013 BCS TrophyWhile a vast majority of bettors will look to play the spread, total or money lines when the No.2 ranked Alabama Crimson Tide (12-1) take on the No. 1 ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish (12-0) for the National Championship, a small group of savvy professional bettors and number wonks will be analyzing all of the potential 2013 BCS prop bets being offered by the odds makers. See the latest Alabama vs Notre Dame Spread and current BCS Odds.

Some of the most popular prop bets that will be offered are based on the performance of the individual teams performing something specific, like which team will score first. Other proposition wagers that see a ton of action include the type of score that will happen first like a safety, field goal or touchdown. The odds for each of these bets is based on the statistical probability of the outcome, instead of the way a spread is determined which is based on the public’s perception. Get a complete break down of all of the current college football prop bets available now.

Other 2013 BCS prop bets being offered by the sportsbooks are based on the performance of individual players in key positions like quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers. Currently, the odds makers have several wagers available on Alabama Crimson Tide football players including quarterback A.J. McCarron, wide receiver Amari Cooper as well as running backs Eddie Lacy and T.J. Yeldon. The odds makers have also posted proposition bets on various Notre Dame Fighting Irish players including quarterback Everett Golson, wide receiver Tyler Eifert and running backs Cierre Wood and Theo Riddick. Get $50 in Free Football Picks today!

In order to have success with these types of exotic bets, you will need to know the statistical tendencies of each player. Figure out how many yards they throw for, run for and catch for per game over the course of the regular season. Once you have those numbers totaled up, then figure out if it is higher or lower than the amounts the odds makers have posted. If you are correct, you win. Advanced bettors will take into consideration how individual players performed at their position against an opponent that has a similar style defense to get an edge.

Below is a complete list of the college football prop bets available for the BCS National Championship Title Game which kicks off on Monday January 7th at 8:00 PM EST in Sun Life Stadium. The match up will be televised on ESPN and ESPN 3D.

2013 BCS Team Props:

Team to score first in the game?
Alabama -180
Notre Dame +150

The first score of the game will be?
Touchdown -180
Field Goal or Safety +150

Will there be a score in the first 7 mins of the game?
Yes -115
No -115

Will a special teams or defensive TD be scored?
Yes +145
No -175

The longest touchdown score in the game will be?
Over 40½ (-110)
Under 40½ (-120)

The first turnover of the game will be?
Fumble +140
Interception -170
No Turnovers in the game +700

Will there be more points scored in?
1st Half -125
2nd Half & OT -105

Alabama Crimson Tide Football Team Player 2013 BCS Prop Bets:

Total Passing Yards – A.J. McCarron
Over 219½ (-110)
Under 219½ (-130)

Total Completions – A.J. McCarron
Over 19½ (-110)
Under 19½ (-130)

Total TD Passes – A.J. McCarron
Over 1½ (-140)
Under 1½ (EVEN)

Total Interceptions – A.J. McCarron
Over ½ (-175)
Under ½ (+135)

First Pass Attempt – A.J. McCarron
Pass Complete -170
Pass Incomplete +130

What will A.J. McCarron throw 1st?
Throw a TD Pass -200
Throw an Interception +150

Total Rushing Yards – Eddie Lacy
Over 90½ (-120)
Under 90½ (-120)

Total Receptions – Eddie Lacy
Over 1½ (-120)
Under 1½ (-120)

Total Rushing & Receiving Yards – T.J. Yeldon
Over 85½ (-130)
Under 85½ (-110)

Total Receiving Yards – Amari Cooper
Over 70½ (-120)
Under 70½ (-120)

Total Receptions – Amari Cooper
Over 4½ (-130)
Under 4½ (-110)

Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football Team Player 2013 BCS Prop Bets:

Total Passing Yards – All Quarterbacks
Over 200½ (-110)
Under 200½ (-130)

Total Completions – All Quarterbacks
Over 16½ (-120)
Under 16½ (-120)

First Pass Attempt – Everett Golson
Pass Complete -140
Pass Incomplete EVEN

What will Everett Golson throw 1st?
Throw a TD Pass -120
Throw an Interception -120

Total Rushing Yards – Everett Golson
Over 30½ (-130)
Under 30½ (-110)

Total Rushing Yards – Cierre Wood
Over 60½ (-110)
Under 60½ (-130)

Total Rushing & Receiving Yards – Theo Riddick
Over 91½ (-130)
Under 91½ (-110)

Total Receptions – Theo Riddick
Over 3½ (+110)
Under 3½ (-150)

Total Receiving Yards – Tyler Eifert
Over 49½ (-130)
Under 49½ (-110)

Total Receptions – Tyler Eifert
Over 3½ (-120)
Under 3½ (-120)