2010 Miss USA: Miss California Nicole Michele Johnson 8 to 1 Odds

2010 Miss USA Miss California Nicole Michele Johnson 8 to 1 Odds: Making her debut appearance in the 2010 Miss USA pageant this Sunday will be Miss California Nicole Michele Johnson. Go to BODOG.com to get the current odds on all of the Miss USA contestants.

2010 Miss USA: Miss California Nicole Michele Johnson 8 to 1 OddsComing in at 8 to 1 odds is 24-year-old Nicole Johnson who will be representing California in the Miss USA competition. Nicole was crowned Miss California in November of 2009 beating out crowd favorite Nana Meriwether. At 5’6”, she also beat out 133 Miss California hopefuls and earned herself a spot in the May 16th live competition.

“I think it was my presentation,” Nicole Johnson stated after the Miss California competition. “I was very confident on the stage, and I stood out in a red gown. So I think maybe that was it.”

Let’s hope this odds favorite won’t repeat the drama that 2009’s Miss California Carrie Prejean brought to last year’s Miss USA competition. If you don’t remember, Carrie was stripped of her title last June for missing scheduled appearances and showing up at appearances that weren’t approved. Let’s also not forget about her controversial comment on the Miss USA stage when asked about same sex marriage by gossip blogger Perez Hilton.

Tune in at 7 PM EST to NBC to watch 2009 Miss USA Kristen Dalton crown the new Miss USA at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. Make sure to check out BODOG.com to get all of your favorite Miss USA contestants:

Miss Alabama – Audrey Moore: 16/1
Miss Alaska – Sarah Temple: 80/1
Miss Arizona – Brittany Bell: 50/1
Miss Arkansas – Adrielle Churchill: 30/1
Miss California – Nicole Michele Johnson: 8/1
Miss Colorado – Jessica Hartman: 25/1
Miss Connecticut – Ashley Bickford: 35/1
Miss Delaware – Julie Citro: 18/1
Miss District Of Columbia – MacKenzie Green: 100/1
Miss Florida – Megan Clementi: 60/1
Miss Georgia – Cassady Lance: 50/1
Miss Hawaii – Renee Mokihana Nobriga: 70/1
Miss Idaho – Jessca Cathleen Hellwinkel: 12/1
Miss Illinois – Ashley Bradarich: 50/1
Miss Indiana – Allison Biehle: 60/1
Miss Iowa – Katherine Anna Connors: 40/1
Miss Kansas – Bethany Gerber: 12/1
Miss Kentucky – Kindra Danielle Clark: 20/1
Miss Louisiana – Sara Brooks: 14/1
Miss Maine – Katie Whittier: 20/1
Miss Maryland – Simone Feldman: 65/1
Miss Massachusetts – Lacey Wilson: 20/1
Miss Michigan – Rima Fakih: 16/1
Miss Minnesota – Courtney Basara: 70/1
Miss Mississippi – Breanne Ponder: 25/1
Miss Missouri – Ashley Strohmier: 50/1
Miss Montana – Elizabeth Anseth: 80/1
Miss Nebraska – Belinda Wright: 11/1
Miss Nevada – Julianna Erdesz: 80/1
Miss New Hampshire – Nicole Houde: 80/1
Miss New Jersey – Chenoa Greene: 50/1
Miss New Mexico – Rosanne Dene Aguilar: 35/1
Miss New York – Davina Reeves: 50/1
Miss North Carolina – Nadia Shirin Moffett: 60/1
Miss North Dakota – Taylor Kearns: 30/1
Miss Ohio – Amanda Tempel: 50/1
Miss Oklahoma – Morgan Elizabeth Woolard: 11/1
Miss Oregon – Kate Paul: 20/1
Miss Pennsylvania – Gina Cerilli: 50/1
Miss Rhode Island – Kristina Primavera: 80/1
Miss South Carolina – Rachel Law: 30/1
Miss South Dakota – Emily Anne Miller: 50/1
Miss Tennessee – Tucker Perry: 20/1
Miss Texas – Kelsey Moore: 16/1
Miss Utah – Katya Dmitrievna Feinstein: 30/1
Miss Vermont – Nydelis Ortiz: 40/1
Miss Virginia – Samantha Casey: 16/1
Miss Washington – Tracy Turnure: 50/1
Miss West Virginia – Erica Jade Goldsmith: 40/1
Miss Wisconsin – Courtney Lopez: 25/1
Miss Wyoming – Claire Schreiner: 50/1