2014 Miss USA Odds

miss-usa-favorite51 contestants will be strutting their stuff at the 2014 Miss USA Competition, on Sunday June 8th, from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Miss Alabama is favored to win the crown this year and if you’ve done your research you may have a better understanding of why certain ladies have better odds than others. Regardless, it’s still possible the top 15, top five and winner could all be surprises. It’s worth noting that Brittany Guidry, Miss Louisiana USA, will have a big hometown advantage. When she hears a big crowd chanting her name or ‘Louisiana!’ — she feeds off that positive energy. Below is a preview of the top two favorites hitting the runway on Sunday.

The way you spot a winner — it’s the girl that stands out, the girl you see on the cover of fashion magazines. It’s the swimsuit model, the girl on the runway.

They need the entire package. The sexy body, that sex appeal, the confidence and sophistication during the evening gown competition. It’s being able to sell that for the girl to show onstage that they’re comfortable onstage and that they want it, that there’s passion and fire.

Miss Alabama (9/1) Jesica Ahlberg is a graduate of Auburn University with a degree in public relations. After graduation, she began chasing her lifelong dream of becoming an actress. Since 2012, she has booked several national commercials and print-ad campaigns for companies such as Delta, Gold Bond, the NBA (National Basketball Association) and others. She has recurring television roles on USA’s “Necessary Roughness” and Cinemax’s “Banshee.” She also has supporting roles in the feature films “Selfless” and “Spongebob Squarepants 2.”

Miss Massachusetts (12/1) Caroline Lunny is a visionary whose passion for life drives her to live her life to the fullest. As a graduate from The New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, her love for acting, broadcasting, and improvisation have grown, and she hopes to one day have her own TV show and follow in the footsteps of her TV idols: Ellen DeGeneres, Amy Poehler, and Chelsea Handler.

Odds to win 2014 Miss USA
Miss Alabama 9/1
Miss Massachusetts 12/1
Miss Iowa 14/1
Miss Texas 14/1
Miss Utah 14/1
Miss Nevada 18/1
Miss Virginia 18/1
Miss Arizona 20/1
Miss California 20/1
Miss Illinois 20/1
Miss New York 20/1
Miss North Carolina 20/1
Miss Oklahoma 20/1
Miss Tennessee 20/1
Miss Florida 25/1
Miss Georgia 25/1
Miss Louisiana 25/1
Miss North Dakota 25/1
Miss Pennsylvania 25/1
Miss Wisconsin 25/1
Miss Ohio 33/1
Miss Delaware 40/1
Miss Kentucky 40/1
Miss Maryland 40/1
Miss Minnesota 40/1
Miss Mississippi 40/1
Miss South Carolina 40/1
Miss Connecticut 50/1
Miss Arkansas 75/1
Miss Colorado 75/1
Miss Hawaii 75/1
Miss Idaho 75/1
Miss Indiana 75/1
Miss Michigan 75/1
Miss Missouri 75/1
Miss Montana 75/1
Miss New Mexico 75/1
Miss Rhode Island 75/1
Miss Vermont 75/1
Miss West Virginia 75/1
Miss Wyoming 75/1
Miss District of Columbia75/1
Miss Alaska 100/1
Miss Kansas 100/1
Miss Maine 100/1
Miss Nebraska 100/1
Miss New Hampshire 100/1
Miss New Jersey 100/1
Miss Oregon 100/1
Miss South Dakota 100/1
Miss Washington 150/1

Miss USA
When: Sunday June 8th@8:00 PM ET
Pick: Miss Alabama 9/1

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