Will Miss USA Kristen Dalton Fall in 2009 Miss Universe Odds?

Will Miss USA Kristen Dalton Fall in Miss Universe Odds? Over the past two years, the Miss Universe Pageant and the entire world has watched Miss United States fall on her wallet during the Evening Gown Competition. Thus, Miss Universe Betting Odds makers at SportsBetting.com want to know what you think about her chances for the hat trick in this year’s 2009 Miss Universe Betting Odds?

In last year’s Miss Universe Pageant in Vietnam, Miss USA: Crystle Stewart fell flat on her rear end, as she was coming down the steps looking elegant and glorious. Unfortunately for her, the 2008 Miss Universe culminated being one of the most viewed and wagered events of 2008, as her betting odds to be crowned Miss Universe 2008 were second best (before the fall) at 8/1.

The most ironic thing for Miss Stewart last year was that going into the competition she was as cool as a cucumber. "All I can offer to the world and to America is to do my best," Stewart said before falling. "Nerves don't play a part in this."

In 2007 in Mexico, City, Miss USA: Rachel Smith started this trend. What will happen in tonight’s Evening Gown competition? Will Miss USA (Kristen Dalton) Fall for a third consecutive year in 2009 Miss Universe? There’s only one way to find out, like there’s only one way to bet on this curious Miss Universe 2009 Betting Odds Prop Bet, and that is by visiting the only Website still allowing people to partake in his magnificent event.

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