UFC Wednesay Night Preview: Fight Night and TUF

With Wednesday only hours away, there is great joy for those looking for a midweek mixed martial arts treat. In a week that started off with Frank Shamrock breaking his arm and the week before had a WEC event, a fan could have thought they were already lucky, but wait – there is plenty more.

Wednesday night from 7-10, a three hour event on Spike TV will hold one of the best free cards ever on a weeknight. And if that was not enough, the first episode of the next season of The Ultimate Fighter reality show.  BodogLife.com has Quinton Jackson as a -260 MMA betting favorite over Forrest Griffin for UFC 86 August 9th.

This time Rampage Jackson and former cast member Forrest will lead teams who earn a shot in the house by fighting. The compleate list and records of the cast is as follows:


  • Dante Rivera (10-2)
  • Timothy Credeur (9-2)
  • Luke Zachrich (7-1)
  • C.B. Dollaway (6-0)
  • Mike Marrello (6-1-1)
  • Steve Byrnes (6-1)
  • Jesse Taylor (6-2)
  • Gerald Harris (6-2)
  • John Wood (6-3)
  • Paul Bradley (5-0)
  • John Clarke (5-2)
  • David Baggett (4-2)
  • Nick Klein (3-0)
  • Aaron Meisner (3-0)
  • Brandon Sene (2-0)
  • Jeremiah Riggs (1-0)
  • David Roberts (5-7)
  • Matt Brown (7-6)
  • Jeremy May (5-5)
  • Prince Mclean (4-5)
  • Reggie Orr (4-5-1)
  • John Hall (3-3)
  • Mike Dolce (3-4)
  • Patrick Schultz (0-3)
  • Dave Mewborn (0-0)
  • Erik Charles (0-0)
  • Daniel Cramer (0-0)
  • Cale Yarbrough (0-0)
  • Dan Simmler (0-0)
  • Nick Rossborough (0-0)
  • Amir Sadollah (0-0)
  • Nick Rossborough (0-0)
  • Amir Sadollah (0-0)
  • Matthew Riddle (0-0)


While some results have leaked out, there is little reason to look for them as it will just ruin what could be a good season of TV. 

UFC Wednesay Night Preview: Fight Night and TUFBefore the first episode will air at 10pm EST, the UFC is putting on a Fight Night with a stacked card. The fights taking place in Colorado will include Kenny Florian versus "Baby" Joe Lauzon and in the co-main event Thiago Silva will take on Karo Parisyan. Many people think the second of the two mentioned will be the more action packed. BodogLife.com has Kenny Florian as a -185 MMA betting favorite in Kenny Florian vs Joe Lauzon.

Also in a fight not to be shown on TV unless time permits will be Karo's Kin in Ultimate Fighter Finalist, Manny Gamburyan taking on Jeff Cox.

One fight also not sure to be shown but may be worth paying for on UFC.com will be the return of Marcus Aurelio.