NBA Finals Odds 2015

cavaliers lebron jamesMuch has changed since our last look at the NBA with the balance of power in the Eastern Conference shifting from Miami to Cleveland. The latest NBA Finals Odds 2015 from reflect the change as the Cavaliers, who managed to lure LeBron James back to the North Coast, are now a 5 to 2 favorite to win the Larry O’Brien Trophy. The defending champion San Antonio Spurs are a second pick at 15 to 4 NBA Odds to claim the franchise’s sixth title. Rounding out the top five championship favorites are the Chicago Bulls, Oklahoma City Thunder and Los Angeles Clippers at 6 to 1, 7 to 1, and 17 to 2 odds, respectively.

When last season’s championship series between San Antonio and Miami concluded, the Heat, who almost everyone felt would retain James’ services, were a 7 to 2 favorite to win the 2015 NBA Finals. The Thunder and Spurs were drawing 6 to 1 odds as second picks while the Clippers were fourth in line at 9 to 1 odds. The Bulls and Pacers landed at 12 to 1 odds and the Houston Rockets sat just in front of the Cavaliers as a 16 to 1 pick.

Aside from Cleveland, Indiana is the only other team from that group to see its championship prospects undergo a dramatic change. Unfortunately for the Pacers, theirs took a major hit when they lost Lance Stephenson to free agency (Charlotte) and Paul George suffered a broken leg in a Team USA scrimmage. Indiana is now listed at 66 to 1 odds to win the title.

In spite of the Pacers tremendous fall down the odds leader board, they are nowhere near the bottom. Bringing up the rear are Milwaukee, Minnesota, Utah and Philadelphia. The Bucks, Timberwolves and Jazz are each getting 300 to 1 championship odds while the tank-minded Sixers are last in line with a 500 to 1 listing.

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Cleveland Cavaliers 5/2
San Antonio Spurs 15/4
Chicago Bulls 6/1
Oklahoma City Thunder 7/1
Los Angeles Clippers 17/2
Dallas Mavericks 16/1
Golden State Warriors 16/1
Houston Rockets 22/1
Washington Wizards 33/1
Portland Trail Blazers 40/1
Memphis Grizzlies 50/1
Miami Heat 50/1
New York Knicks 50/1
Toronto Raptors 50/1
Brooklyn Nets 66/1
Charlotte Hornets 66/1
Indiana Pacers 66/1
Los Angeles Lakers 75/1
Atlanta Hawks 100/1
Denver Nuggets 100/1
New Orleans Pelicans 100/1
Phoenix Suns 100/1
Boston Celtics 200/1
Detroit Pistons 200/1
Orlando Magic 200/1
Sacramento Kings 250/1
Milwaukee Bucks 300/1
Minnesota Timberwolves 300/1
Utah Jazz 300/1
Philadelphia 76ers 500/1