Fun Super Bowl Bets

ravens rice cutbackWith so many fun Super Bowl bets being offered, it is difficult to focus solely on the side or total in Sunday’s showdown between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers. Given how big the event has become, almost everyone, including non-football fans, likes to have more than a rooting interest come game time. The odds makers at offshore destination have done their best to provide a plethora of wagering opportunities for those who are more interested in what takes place between the lines as well as the individuals who are more concerned with Beyonce’s halftime show.

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Historical Matchups

Who will have more Tackles & Assists in the game?

Ray Lewis Tackles & Assists Super Bowl XXXV (5) +6 (-105)
Ray Lewis Tackles & Assists Super Bowl XLVII -6 (-125)

Ray Lewis won Super Bowl XXXV MVP honors despite recording just four solo tackles and one assists. Clearly Lewis is not the same player now, but it seems like he should be able to produce better numbers this time around. Lewis is 14.6 combined tackles and assists in the postseason.

Who will have more Passing Yards in the game?

Steve Young Super Bowl XXIX (325 yards) -89.5 Pass Yards (-115)
Colin Kaepernick Super Bowl XLVII +89.5 (-115)

Kaepernick threw for a season high 276 yards in the Niners season finale against the Cardinals, and he has finished within 89.5 yards of Steve Young’s 325 yard Super Bowl XXIX total three times in San Francisco’s last four games.

Who will have more Rushing Yards in the game?

Jamal Lewis Super Bowl XXXV (102 yards) -30.5 (-115)
Ray Rice Super Bowl XLVII +30.5 (-115)

Rice has rushed for more than 102 yards just three times this season and San Francisco has allowed more than 102 rush yards just six times this season.

Super Bowl XLVII Specials

How many times will ‘Harbaugh’ be said during the game?

Over 22.5 times (-150)
Under 22.5 times (+110)

Hard to put a number on this one, but suffice it to say it will be a lot.

How many times will Jay-Z be shown on TV during the game?

Over .5 (-120)
Under .5 (-120)

There is another Super Bowl specials prop which asks whether or not Jay-Z will appear with Beyonce during the halftime show. If you believe he will than this bet is an obvious one.

What predominant color will Beyonce’s top be at the beginning of the Super Bowl Halftime Show?

Black 2/1
Gold (Yellow) 5/2
Silver (Grey) 4/1
White 5/1
Red 7/1
Pink 15/2
Blue 15/1
Green 15/1
Orange 15/1