John Edwards Mistress Admits Sex Tape Exists

John Edwards Mistress Admits Sex Tape Exists: Life isn’t so great these days for former presidential hopeful John Edwards, and by the looks of it, it’s about to get worse. According to reports by the New York Post, John Edwards and his mistress made a sex tape together while she was pregnant and now she wants it back and a court agreed. According to the report, John Edwards’ mistress, Rielle Hunter has been granted a court order that requires Edwards to turn over videotapes of the two having sex as well as photos.

The alleged John Edwards Sex Tape was apparently filmed with Hunter’s own video camera during the Fall of ’06 and now she wants it returned. "In or about September 2006, using my video camera, I authored a personal video recording that depicted matters of a very private and personal nature," Hunter wrote in an affidavit filed Thursday according to The Post. "In 2006, I was also having an intimate relationship with Edwards."

Amidst this scandal, Edwards and his wife Elizabeth have been legally separated since December. Everything started when the 56-year-old former Democratic nominee admitted that Frances Quinn Hunter was indeed his daughter. The baby was allegedly conceived while Edwards and Hunter had an affair, which he denied for nearly two years.

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