Times Square Bomb Suspect Faisal Shahzad Arrested

Times Square Bomb Suspect Faisal Shahzad Arrested: Days after launching a massive investigation, a suspect in the failed New York City, Times Square bombing is now in custody, said attorney general Eric Holder on Tuesday morning. The arrest occurred in New York’s JFK Airport on Monday night at around 11:45 PM ET, reports indicate. Suspected bomber, 30-year-old, Faisal Shahzad, was arrested by Customs and Border Protection agents as he attempted to board a flight to Dubai.

Shahzad is scheduled to appear in a Manhattan Federal Court on Tuesday. "It is clear that the intent behind this Times Square Bomb Suspect Faisal Shahzad Arrestedterrorist act was to kill Americans," Holder said.

A law enforcement official told news outlets that Shahzad, a naturalized US citizen born in Pakistan, claimed to have no accomplices in the failed attack.

"He's claimed to have acted alone, but these are things that have to be investigated," he said.  

The D.A. is urging Americans to remain vigilant and that officials had collected "significant additional evidence," Holder said. "The American people should know that we are deploying every resource available and we will not rest until we have brought everyone responsible to justice."

According to a statement by U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, FBI agent George Venizelos and New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly Shahzad, faces charges "for allegedly driving a car bomb into Times Square on the evening of May 1."

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