Sarah Palin 2012 Presidential Betting Odds

Sarah Palin 2012 Presidential Betting Odds: Former Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin is making headlines once again this week with the release of her already best-selling memoir “Going Rogue”, as well as much speculation that she might be the next G.O.P entrant in the upcoming 2012 Presidential Betting Odds elections.

With the current state the country finds itself in and with so many Americans in disapproval of the job current President Barack H. Obama is doing, the Sarah Palin camp might be gearing up to give the leftist a run for their money in the 2012 Presidential Betting Odds. But how realistic of a chance does the former Alaska governor have to become the United States’ first woman president?

According to expert political strategists and 2012 Presidential Betting Odds makers at, Sarah Palin [10/1] is current listed with the third best 2012 Presidential Betting Odds to become the next Commander in Chief behind the current president, Barack Obama [5/7].

This week, Palin appeared on Oprah to promote her book and clear some of the other rumors going around that she might be getting her own talk show in the near future. "There's nothing to worry about," Palin said. "Oprah, you are the queen of talk shows."

But when the question everyone is asking arose, Palin smiled and gave the prominent Obama fanatic a very political answer. "Trig is heading into kindergarten in 2012. I'm looking forward to that. I don't know what I'm going to be doing in 2012,” Palin added. “ You don't need a title to make a difference. Any ordinary American can seize opportunities to let their voices be heard."

Other 2012 Presidential Betting Odds candidates include:

Mitt Romney [7/1]

Hillary Clinton [12/1]

Mike Huckabee [12/1]

Joe Biden [18/1] 

John Edwards [35/1]

Ron Paul [50/1]

John McCain [50/1]

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