Rudy Giuliani Out of NY Gov Race, Eyes Senate or Presidential Run?

Rudy Giuliani Out of NY Gov Race, Eyes Senate or Presidential Run? According to various reports, which include the New York Times, former New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani will not be running for governor next year, but instead might be eyeing a Senate candidacy. Although Giuliani’s camp has publicly denied the reports, many insiders believe that the decision has been made, and that Rudy might be headed for Washington, not Albany.

“I definitely believe he is seriously rethinking the Senate,” a source close to the situation told the The Buffalo News. “I’m 98 percent sure he will run for the Senate.”

The other possibility is of course him running for president one again. According political strategist and 2012 Presidential Betting Odds makers at, Rudy Giuliani [40/1] has a ways to go before he can be considered as a top candidate at the presidency. Currently, Barack Obama [5/7], Mitt Romney [7/1], Sarah Palin [10/1], Hillary Clinton [12/1], and Mike Huckabee [12/1] are the early frontrunners to win the 2012 Presidential race.    

“A Senate win for Giuliani in this heavily Democratic state would be a huge national story,” Marist poll director Lee M. Miringoff said. “It would also be an equally huge embarrassment for the Obama White House. It could even rekindle any hopes Giuliani has about another presidential run.”

While many are discarding this idea and calling it a mistake in Giuliani’s part, Erie County Republican Chairman James P. Domagalski hinted at an acceptance by the GOP. “Speculation has always been that he may want another crack at a presidential run,” Domagalski said. “And conventional wisdom says it makes sense to be part of the public debate again. The U.S. Senate might be a good place for someone with his aspirations.”

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